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Image and Video Manager capturing software

Image and Video Manager software to effortless assist in showing and capturing live images, including an easy way to review these images.

Seemless switching
Full integration with MediTop ENT treatment units so switching between needed functions is seemless.

User friendly
Automatically get the schedule list and transfer the images and videos to the hospital system to add them automatically into the patient file.

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Connections via HL7 and DICOM

Connections are possible from only sharing data among the systems to full hospital system patient file integration via HL7 and DICOM.

• The HL7 messages accepted and used are QRY, ADT, SIU and ORU.

• The possible DICOM communication is Worklist retrieval and STORE of the images and videos.

Benefits at a glance

  • Instant live camera view from the start
  • Easy integration with the MediTop ENT treatment units
  • Easy switching between functions
  • Mostly hands-off operation of the software
  • Automatic patient list retrieval
  • Automatic store of images an videos
  • Always local hospital data, so no cloud or internet connection needed
  • Automatic sharing data between connected systems

Operating system Windows 10 LTSC (recommended),

Processor Intel Core i5

Windows 10 Professional

Memory minimal 4GB (RAM)

Storage minimal 250GB (SSD)

Power supply medical grade

Communication at least 1 serial port, preferably on-board

Accessories Capture card, direct show compatible

Required MS SQL Server database