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AquaTop XS

Warm water irrigator

The AquaTop XS is an ear irrigator available in two versions. One is suitable for ear cleaning purposes with its water stream at a constant 37 degrees. The other is a three temperature version for ear cleaning and caloric simulation. This has three temperature settings (30⁰C, 37⁰C and 44⁰C). The electronic temperature control is highly accurate.

The AquaTop XS incorporates a constant flow design to keep fresh water flowing through the irrigator up to the handpiece to prevent biofilm and microbe growth, making it safe for doctor and patient.

Both versions can be integrated in the MediTop ENT units.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Constant water flow system to prevent microbe growth 
        and biofilm
  • Accurate electronic temperature control
  • Pressure regulation from button on handpiece
  • Overheating protection
  • LCD display
  • LED indicates device status
  • High quality construction
  • Easy integration with the MediTop ENT treatment units
  • Compact design

Voltage 230 Volt AC - 50 / 60 Hz

Temperature settings 30⁰C - 37⁰C - 44⁰C

Minimum inlet water pressure 2.0 bar

Maximum inlet water pressure 6.0 bar

Maximum power consumption 100 VA

Water pressure setting 1.8 bar

Weight 3 kg