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Our mobile ENT treatment unit

The MT1000 unit is a mobile ENT unit that is easily moved from room to room and is perfect for different settings. A vast number of functions can be integrated into this small and nimble unit making it very versatile.

A mobile ENT workstation
It is a perfect solution for smaller practices or for an emergency department.

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• The use of high-end materials
• The use of high-end integrated equipment
• Produced with high end tools


• Through a touchscreen
• Fully automated switched instrument holders
• Through a multi-functional footswitch


• Able to add equipment to it afterwards
• Able to add functions to it afterwards
• Future upgrade of integrated equipment


The MT1000 model differs from other models in terms of mobility. Its mobility makes it a suited units for different settings from your everyday ENT practice to the emergency room.

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Integrated functions by choice

The MT1000 can be equipped with a wide selection of integrated functions to accommodate specific requirements.

Standard every MT1000 is executed with
• 2 instrument trays and 5 instrument holders
• 1 large drawer for hygienic storage of used instruments and waste
• 1 large storage-drawer

  • Suction system (several variants available)
  • Compressed air system (several variants available)
  • LED Light source (several variant available)
  • Ear syringe (AquaTop XS)
  • Mirror heater (pre-heater and/or hot air)
  • Rigid scope holders (heated or non heated)
  • Lateral spittoon system
  • Video-endoscopy
  • Video-stroboscopy
  • Microscope with integrated camera
  • HF-surgery / coagulation device
  • Tympanometer
  • Rhino manometer
  • Echo /sinus scan module
  • Image & Video Managing System (IVM)

Voltage 230V

Power 2300VA

Dimensions (L x D x H) 1200 x 623 x 942 mm