Our partners

Ever since our founding days in the early nineties, we have been a leading global provider of ENT treatment units. All products are manufactured in our facilities in The Netherlands, and offered internationally through our network of authorized distributors.


Our valued distributors are experts in the field and assist us with the import, installation and maintenance of the ENT treatment units. Thanks to our worldwide network of distributors, we operate on a global scale and offer unbeatable support for our customers all over the world.

As a partner and leading manufacturer, we take our responsibility to continue to improve our ENT treatment units. In doing so, we provide our customers with medical equipment they can truly rely on.

Our partners

We are proud of our carefully selected, knowledgeable partners. Together we create durable, functional and customizable ENT solutions. We are dedicated to serve both doctors and patients, and aim to improve hospitals and medical centers around the world.

Become a distributor
Interested in becoming a distributor of our ENT treatment units worldwide? Please contact us to make an appointment.

Attieh Medico | Saudi Arabia

Averroes | Kuwait

Collin | France

Endoxim | Portugal

Euthymiades | Cyprus

Key Health Solutions | United Kingdom

Medical Systems | Marocco

Opiva Nordic | Sweden

Sharq Medical Supply | Qatar

   Praiston Medical Equipment | Polen