Our partners

As a pioneer in the ear, nose and throat discipline, MediTop develops state-of-the-art ENT treatment units. Throughout the world, we are valued for our expertise, innovation and craftmanship. We do not settle for mediocrity and continue to challenge the limits every single day

MediTop International

A leading global provider
Our family-run business was founded in 1991 in the Netherlands. Ever since, we have been a leading global provider of high-end ENT treatment units. We currently operate in more than fifteen countries, accommodated by our extensive network of worldwide distributors.

Entirely customizable units
As work procedures and requirements may differ per country, we do not work according to a one-size-fits-all-principle. MediTop designs, develops and manufactures entirely customizable units, to align them with your specific needs and comply with local regulations.

Quality ENT solutions

Our customer-centered approach and quality products set us apart from our competitors around the world. The treatment units seamlessly fit in the environment and are optimized for both ENT specialists and patients.

Meet Jacco Bosma
Jacco Bosma, responsible for International Sales at MediTop, has been with us since 2011. He uses his comprehensive knowledge of the field to advise our customers and provide training for our distributors. His goal is to offer high-quality solutions and to optimize the units for ergonomics, hygiene, safety, durability and efficiency. With his work, he aims to contribute to functional improvement in hospitals and medical centers around the world.

Jacco knows our customers and their needs as no other. Would you like to know more about what MediTop can do for you? Please feel free to contact him directly. He will assist you in any way he can.


Our brands

Carl Zeiss BV

ZEISS is a leading enterprise operating in the optics and optoelectronics industries. They supply refined microscopes for our units.

Erbe Benelux BV

Erbe is an internationally established provider of quality surgical systems and instruments that are used by, among others, otolaryngologists.

HEINE Optotechnik GmbH & Co. KG

HEINE Optotechnik is a global leading provider of primary diagnostic instruments for various medical specialties, including ENT.

Homoth Medizinelektronik GmbH

HOMOTH develops and produces ENT diagnostic systems and is a true specialist in the field.

Jörg & Sohn GmbH

Jörg & Sohn have extensive experience in developing professional ENT patient chairs that can be implemented in our units.


The skilled craftsmen of our subsidiary company ProfWood construct the sophisticated frame for our ENT treatment units

QED Medical

QED Medical is a manufacturer of headlight illumination systems since 1971, some of which are specifically designed for the ENT discipline.

Star Medical Systems

STAR Medical Systems offers a comprehensive application software to record and store medical images and videos from patients.

Support Design SE

Support Design produces ergonomic and sustainable work chairs suited for everyday use, which are ideal for doctors.

Xion GmbH

XION manufactures devices, endoscopes and instruments for minimally invasive diagnostics and therapy that are perfectly suited for the ENT discipline.